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Our master bedroom has an open entryway into the bathroom - not idea for when one of us - not ideal when one of us has to wake up early to get ready. We're considering putting in a barn door, but the challenge is that the builder framed out the entryway an extra 4 inches for a more decorative look (see below). Having never had a barn door before, I'm interested to know if they make extensions or stand-off's for the track hardware so I can properly mount it over the recessed part of the wall?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: AUDREY SANTOS (Denver, CO), 01/22/2019

Not likely. Something you might consider instead of actual barn door hardware is simple trolley style single track sliding door hardware. (such as Johnson Series 100 track, model #100-0072) What I have done in the past is to make a 3 sided valance style box to mount the track on, with a piano hinged front panel for access to the wheels. Then you need either wall mounted or floor mounted stops on either side to give it a soft cushion feel when it stops and to limit the travel of the door. In your case, you could mount the valance box to the wall above the doorway... and simply add framing behind it where you have the void in the wall... then trim the bottom of the framing behind the box. Put crown moulding on the top of the valance if you want to dress it up a little so that it looks a little more beefy like an entablature should. FWIW, barn doors don't give a lot of privacy due to the gap between the door and wall. The door needs to be at least 4 wider than the opening is so that you have some overlap... so that you don't see right in when viewed at an angle.

- ALEX WALTERS (Sugar Land, TX), 02/18/2019

Helpful info, thanks so much!

- DERRICK PENA (New Rochelle, NY), 02/13/2019

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