Forum Title: Bottom of Bay Window Falling Out
A note the prior owners left said the bay window was installed in 1989. The word Advanced is stamped on some hardware. The siding on the house is vinyl and the bottom of the bay window overlaps it. The problem is the bottom of the bay window is falling out. It appears to be insulation foam with vinyl facing. I've tried to pull it out with no luck. I would really like to remove it to check for leaks, mold, etc. If the insert image button worked, you'll see two exterior photos. One shows the front center and the other is taken from below that area. I removed the screws at the bottom of those aluminum pieces. I thought they were holding the vinyl bottom in place. But removing the screws make no difference. The parts of the bottom that are hanging out are on the sides -- not shown -- but you can see how one of the aluminum pieces is displaced because the bottom piece is not tucked up. So can this piece be removed? You can also view the images here at SkyDrive:
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: Michael Blocher (, ), 01/11/2019

Cover the rotten wood with aluminum cladding? I'd throw that idea out for the sheer fact that he's wanting to cover up rotten wood. Plus I rarely see people clad things in a way that will keep the water from getting trapped under the cladding, so it will just continue to rot... you just won't be able to see it. Not to mention, his bid is astronomical for the materials he would use (< $200... if he used 2 rolls of trim coil - just guessing...) and the time it would probably take. I for one would love to make $2800 for a couple days' work. Replacing with PVC would be good... *if* they know what they are doing, and you never intend to paint it a dark color. Light colors are best. Composite screws will give the best results, and I always use Duo-fast trimbonder epoxy to seal PVC to PVC. Our Azek dealer highly recommends it. PVC does expand in hot weather and shrink in cold weather, so it does move a lot more than wood does which can create maintenance problems if it isn't installed using best practices. PVC is expensive, and it could be that it will take maybe $500-700 or more in materials, depending on how much trim is needed to retrim the windows. You can also replace the trim with a number of other products that may not be completely maintenance free, but will require paint less often, as compared to wood. Miratec, LP Smarttrim, Fiber Cement trim boards, etc. Those are the three I use most often. The fiber cement is a paint to rip and nail, but it will hold paint the best. I'm partial to Smarttrim, and haven't had any callbacks with it yet. A picture of your window might help us see something that you left out that might give us more ideas.... or at least an idea of how much labor this is going to take.

- IVAN LUNA (West Allis, WI), 03/03/2019

I have an overview of the bottom and then photos from lower and lower angles. In the wide-angle you can see the brown edge of the insulation hanging down. Again, I'd like to figure out how that bottom part is attached so I can push it up and seal the gaps.

- DIANNE OCONNOR (Danbury, CT), 02/15/2019

What do you plan on reattaching? And to what? Sure looks like waters been getting in there for years and has rotted it out. Looks like the windows may have to come out to get that trim piece off.

- Patrick J. Mosner (Rapid City, SD), 03/02/2019

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