Forum Title: Difficult to Find SH Tilt Window Parts (Spring based) - Shoe and Connector
I am a home owner who has just bought a house with single hung tilt windows installed approximately 1999. These windows appear to be a builder grade and I cannot find any tag or marking showing who the maker is. I am having a hard time finding parts after perusing various sites on the internet. In particular some of the shoes are broken and I need at least one other plastic part that I will describe and show in a photo. The windows have a mechanism that uses a spring to help lift the windows. This is not a coil mechanism or a balance (no pulleys), but rather a simple spring that is attached to window vertically and within the frame by a fixed cord that is screwed into the top vertical inside corner of the frame. This cord is then attached to a plastic connector about halfway down the inside of frame with the string end wound around the plastic connector. The connector is then used to connect the string to the top of the spring. The bottom of the spring is then attached to a shoe (pictures attached). Please note that the shoe is made with a protrusion which is used to latch onto the spring. The spring end has a final loop of the spring bent to be at a 90% angle to the other spring coils and serves to attach onto a side of the shoe. I also need some plastic pieces that connects the spring to the string. I have attached photos. Has anyone seem similar window mechanisms and offer any clues as to the maker of the window. Does anyone have any ideas on where I might find those replacement parts? Thank you very much for your help John Dorman
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: LORRAINE DAY (Azusa, CA), 01/14/2019

Unless the header is 63 or so wide, then it isn't sufficient for a door header. It must span across the door and rest on jack studs on either side just as the one pictured. You need to re route that 12-2 that is stapled across your header at the same time. I know what you have done, and it can't stay that way. You will either need to move that cable up into the attic or below to the basement and make your lateral run across.

- PEGGY HENDERSON (Greensboro, NC), 03/04/2019

It's very unlikely you'll be able to change hardware (tape balances for block and tackle for instance)..they just won't fit. SWISCO is a good company, they know their stuff. Did they recommend AAAScreen as a source to order from? Pretty sure SWISCO doesn't sell direct. You might be able to negotiate a bulk discount from AAA. No easy answer unless Patriot is still in business and offers a lifetime hardware warranty like some companies.

- RHONDA GILBERT (Oakland, CA), 03/04/2019

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