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Hi there, Looking for some help here on how to solve a problem with an exterior door that is floating off the garage floor. Previous owner had some a concrete block propping up the door threshold This is the door from the garage to the yard. The concrete level is about 3.5 inches higher in the yard than the garage floor. Can I just pour concrete on the existing garage floor to create a sort of platform? Will there be trouble with bonding to the existing garage floor. I would like to find a permanent and rigorous solution. Thanks for reading.Attachment 19225Attachment 19226
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: Michael Jordan (Chicago, IL), 01/11/2019

See if the threshold is adjustable. The weather strip on the bottom of the door may be dragging more than is should making the door hard to open. Also check the reveal around the door. If it is not a consistent gap then you may have to shim one of the hinges or drive a longer screw to adjust the square of the door.

- NAOMI BLAIR (Davis, CA), 02/13/2019

Huh. that's pretty awesome! IMO, you should probably drill some short rebar down into the pad, make a form, and pour that space full of concrete. Brush some bonding agent onto the concrete before you place the new concrete inside the form... You will also want to set a threshold into the wet cement to give the existing door bottom something to close against. It will be smart to try and form the concrete so that it is crowned in the middle- so that it slopes to the outside on the exterior side of the threshold, and slopes to the inside on the inside of the threshold... when you place the threshold into the wet cement, it should also be sloped toward the outside. You'll close the door on it to ensure a tight seal, and let the cement set up. Best sort of threshold would have a lip and a bulb seal on the interior, for the door to close against... kind of like this one... Choose brass, not aluminum. Aluminum and concrete don't play well together.

- SUZANNE WELCH (Hartford, CT), 03/06/2019

Thanks for the replies XSleeper and joecaption1 joecaption1: You cannot tell from the picture but it is a steel door and the door opens outward. Thats a good point about a tripping hazard. Is it hard to pour a sloped concrete ramp that will not crumble at the thin edge? Xsleeper: Thanks for the comprehensive reply, also hilarious that you find it awesome!! thats a good idea to set the threshold into the wet cement. I'm going to try it next weekend!

- Nick L (Tuscaloosa, AL), 02/18/2019

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