Forum Title: how to remove old window sill from stool?
If I understand correctly it is possible to remove a rotted window sill without removing the window. I�ve been looking at a lot of different advice and I am confused about removing the sill from the stool. If I understand correctly, the stool is finish-nailed down to the sill. It seems like some instructions tell you to remove the stool first before attempting to remove the sill. But it also seems like other instructions imply that you can remove the sill away from the stool from the exterior. I think I understand the part about sawing out a section of the middle of the sill, thus allowing you to pull the remaining sill pieces away from the jambs, followed by then removing the staples, etc. But that doesn�t tell you how to pull the sill away from the stool. Or do they actually assume that the stool has already been removed from the inside? I saw one video where the guy used a sawzall to cut the sill away from the stool.( But I can�t find that video again.) One method for replacing a bad sill talked about cutting the old sill only back to the edge of the stool and then stopping? I guess they mean for that method you are only going to replace part of the sill? not the part under the stool? But in that case I don�t remember what you then nail the new sill to? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: ANTHONY LEE (Peoria, AZ), 01/27/2019

The solid masonite or mdf doors are a lot heavier than their wooden counterpart. I'd either go with a solid wood panel door or stay with hollow core.

- DANA RIOS (Portsmouth, VA), 02/04/2019

Isn�t there a generalized answer with respect to separating the sill from the stool, since the generalized instructions for sill removal everywhere talk about sawing a section from the middle of the sill, pulling the remaining pieces towards the middle, removing staples, etc .? In other words, we are talking about a generalized procedure � not window specific? How many general variations can there be in the separation of the sill from the stool? Too many to enumerate?

- MICHELLE LOPEZ (Schenectady, NY), 02/15/2019

Really old windows used a one piece sill and stool. With newer windows there separate. To remove the whole sill you would have to remove the casing then stool, cut the nails off where the sill meets the jambs, then cut the sill in 1/2. Others had a removable part of the sill that most often rotted out that can be removed by removing some wooden plugs coving the screws. You would have to sand off all the paint to find the plugs.Window Parts Definitions - Bing Images

- COURTNEY ERICKSON (Miami Beach, FL), 02/17/2019

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