Forum Title: Replacing subflooring under door without removing wood flooring
Hi. First post but long time lurker. I went to replace the back door to my house yesterday and found that the was no jamb sill and water infiltrated and damages the subflooring and the rim joist under it. Apparently the previous owners already replaced part of the rim joist and painted the subfloor, clearly thinking that paint would be a proper way to address a water leak. Regardless of what the previous owner did, now damage involves the subfloor under the kitchen wooden floor to about the first joist and a portion of the rim joist. (see pictures below). The last picture shows the damage from the crawl space. Removing the kitchen wood floor would be a lot of work and there is no way to do it without cutting it and leaving evident damage. I have access to the sub floor from the crawl space. Is there any way to replace the damaged portion of the subfloor from below without removing the floors?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: DEANNA CORTEZ (San Clemente, CA), 01/08/2019

Framing it in for the door is easy. The biggest challenge you have in moving the door out there is that there is likely no footing under the front edge of that pad and if not, it would likely not be approved for use as an exterior wall. Plus the pad is not likely insulated so the floor edge would be cold and prone to sweating in winter months. Yes, something like this needs to be permitted.

- MICHAEL R (San Francisco, CA), 02/25/2019

3rd picture with brick, is that looking upward in the basement? Is the brick on the exterior even though I dont see any in the outdoor pictures, maybe behind the siding below the door?

- RAY BISHOP (Arlington, TX), 03/07/2019

Correct on both. The third picture is the crawl space looking up. The bricks are covered by the sidings and the deck.

- BETTY K (Boston, MA), 02/28/2019

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